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    Bao Garden is located in Tangyue village, Shexian county, consisting of ancient monuments, ancient ancestral temples, ancient residence and Bao Garden. 
    It is 10 km far from the ancient city in shexian county and 27 km far from Tunxi, which is the location of the city government. 
Tangyue is the family residence of Bao family. 

    The family moved to southern Song dynasty since 800 years before. 
    These stone archway meaning "loyalty and filial piety" circle from head to the middle by two lined, on a half arc, successively from the west to east they are Bao Can Archway, CiXiao Archway, Bao WenLing's wife Wang's Archway, Generosity Archway, Bao WenLing's wife Archway, Bao FengChang's son Archway and Bao XiangXian Archway. 
    Seven a monument grave majesty, to link a line, filed and stand. 

    The dignified Dunben Hall, usually called Bao's Male Temple, is orientated north and faces south. It is a great and antique building with three gates and five halls. Its whole structure is simple with pillars made of gingko, beams made of camphor, showing the spirit of golden mean of the Confucian school. In the temple there are carving about the family's administration rules, which is useful to the study of patriarchal clan system.
The unique Qingyi Hall, usually called Bao's Female Temple, has a compact structure. It is elegant without being rigid.  
    Its carvings are beautiful, especially the ones in the hallway outside, wich is so exquisite, that is is considered to be the best Huizhou carvings.
Harmonious with the archways, Bao's Garden uses Huizhou merchants's private garden as a background, and Hui bonsai as the theme. It is the essense of Hui bonsai art by collecting the ones of all schools both from home and abroad. It is a high-grade bonsai base. 
    It covers an area of 21.73 hectares, including artificial lake park and bonsai parks, each of which covers 5.33 hectares. 
   It displays nearly ten thousand pots of bonsai.
   There are various forms of them.

    Some of them are of interest of wit, simple but elegant, some of them are pretty and coquettish. 

    The stump bonsai have all kinds of appearances, peculiar but natural; while the rock ones are vigorous and great. It is like a bonsai art museum. When you are in the garden, you will see a pretty picture of flowers and trees. 
    It is the Chinese Historical and Cultural Village, World Culture Heritage, National AAAA Scenic Spot as well as Huangshan "top ten" Tourist Attractions. 


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