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   Historical origin

    Tang Yue, located in the southwest of She County, 15 li away, in the north, there is  ling mountain, in the south, there is huizhou basin , exhibiting the spreading plain. Fengle River, which derives from Yellow Mountain, runs across it from west to east. In the distance, Futing Mountain stands as a screen. is geomantically this is a ideal position, "pillowing mountain, skirted by water, facing screen". 
    So far, there are still seven tall stone memorial archways standing at the village gate, constituting a unique and magnificent view in huizhou. 

    At the same time, the existing ancestral hall, residence, gardens reflect the characteristics of huizhou. 

    The formation of Tang Yue village can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty, Jianyan Emperor.(about 1130 AD.). 

     At that time, there was a famous scholar called BaoRong, who lived in huizhou mansion (today's Shexian county). Alhough he was never a big officer, he developed a huge business in Xixiang. As he considered Tangyue as a perfect place to spend life in, he constructed a villa there. So and Bao Family in Tangyue honored him the male ancestor. 

    After BaoRong, Tang Yue had only used as a villa of Bao Family. 

    It is not until his fourth grandson Bao Jumei who praised this place a beautiful and rich spot for future business that the whole family settled in Tangyue.   

     During the eight hundred years since then , Tangyue village has always been the inhabit land of Bao Family till today.  


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